Personalised bone china gifts
Personalised porcelain bucket

We have 20 years experience of personalising bone china. Browse through our website, select your gift and tell us what you would like glazed onto the china. Unique gifts and keepsakes that will be treasured for many years.

Personalised birth plate

Personalised Birth Plates
From £15.00

Personalised plate for an anniversary

Anniversary Plates
From £15.00

Other Occasions
From £15.00

Wedding Plates
From £15.00

Personalised christening plates

Christening Plates
From £15.00

Photographs on plates

Photographs On Plates
From £17.00

Signature Plates

Signature Plates
From £23.00

Personalised breakfast set

Breakfast Sets
From £29.99

Personalised ceramic coasters


Personalised teapots

From £24.99

Personalised egg cups

Egg Cups
From £8.99

Personalised teacups and saucers

Teacups & Saucers
From £14.99

Personalised jam or sugar pots

Jam Or Sugar Pots

Personalised moneyboxes

From £15.99

Personalised ring dishes

Ring Dishes
From £9.99

Personalised vases and planters

Vases & Porcelain Buckets
From £17.00

Personalised pet bowls

Pet Bowls
From £11.99

Personalised teabag rests

Teabag Rests
From £9.99

Personalised ring dishes

Door Plaques
From £14.99

Personalised kitchen utensil pots

Kitchen Utensil Pots

Personalised mugs

From £9.99


We have been decorating bone china and selling online since 1996 – this year is our China anniversary! We started with ceramic greeting cards, hence the name of the website; but no longer have the time to make these as we sell so many plates.

You will find designs suitable for any special occasion. Just choose the design and tell us the wording you would like glazed onto the china.

The decoration and wording are glazed onto the china. The finish is permanent and will not wear off or fade. Some companies print onto plates using a process called sublimation. The design and wording on a printed plate is not permanent and will fade quite quickly.

We also glaze photographs onto plates along with your wording around the rim.

We also offer a wide range of Signature Plates – a small design is glazed onto the plate, then party guests add their names and comments with a special pen (included). Seal the added wording by placing the plate in a domestic oven for 15 minutes.

Also available are a number of personalised gifts suitable for Mother’s Day, bithdays, anniversaries, weddings, and Christenings.