Celebrate any special occasion with one of our personalised bone china plates. Choose from:

  • Baby birth plates – a unique gift or a keepsake for your own child, you can have the baby’s names, date and time of birth, and any other wording glazed around the rim.
  • Christening plates – a permanent reminder of the date and place of the child’s Christening, lovely personalised Christening gifts. Many designs to choose from.
  • Anniversaries –  designs for every important wedding anniversary. Particularly suitable as 20th wedding anniversary gifts as the 20th anniversary is the china wedding anniversary!
  • Any other special occasion – a wedding, retirement, Nanny’s 80th birthday; just choose the design and tell us the wording to glaze onto the plate.




Photograph glazed onto a bone china plate


Other Occasions

Mix and Match!

You can have any design, any rim style (plain, pink, blue, yellow, or with two silver or gold bands), and any wording on your personalised bone china plate.


We glaze photographs on plates.


We glaze the design and your wording onto the china. Other sites offer printed plates using a process called sublimation. The method we use is the same as that used to decorate your dinner plates and coffee mugs at home, the result is permanent whereas the decoration on printed plates fades quite quickly.

Gift Boxes

A smart satin lined gift box is available as an optional extra, some customers will be buying a plate as a keepsake for themselves and they will not need a gift box – if you don’t opt for the gift box we send the plate in a polystyrene box to keep it safe in the post.


Your plate is made to order. It has to dry then spend about 15 hours in the kiln where it is heated to 825C. We normally dispatch your order in 2-3 working days depending on the time of day that your order is received. Occasionally a plate will not fire correctly and we need to decorate another one, in which case there will be a delay and we will let you know your plate will be late.

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